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Our Community

Lending a Helping Hand to Our Community

The member companies of the Port of San Diego Ship Repair Association are committed to giving back to the San Diego community.

Since 1982, the Association has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to neighborhood organizations and special events. Individual members have given tens of thousands more, independently of the Association.

The Association contributes to causes throughout San Diego County, with a special focus on the neighborhoods in and around the Barrio Logan community, where the major shipyards are based and many people who work in the industry live. Programs and organizations involved in children's initiatives, youth education, health care services, crime deterrence and environmental protection are frequently selected for Association involvement.

The Port of San Diego Ship Repair Association's member companies and employees are proud of their contributions to Navy readiness and national defense, as well as to the community we call home. The Association will continue to do its part as the nation's military and maritime needs evolve and expand.

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