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Economic Engine

Creating an Economic Engine for Our Region

The San Diego Ship Repair Association member companies provide employment for more than 10,000 San Diegans. These well-paying jobs go to a diverse cross-section of the region's population and provide workers with the opportunity to provide for their families. Companies offer training and apprenticeships as well as internship opportunities to high school seniors. The industry represents one of the last places in Southern California where high school graduates can make a livable wage.

In 2004, the total Department of Defense revenue to San Diego County was $11.5 billion which equated to 8.2% of San Diego Counties’ Gross Regional Product. In San Diego County, 36% of all businesses do business, which is due, or related to the defense industry. In 2006, $300 million of those defense revenues were ship repair dollars.

Three quarters of our member firms are small business and are headquartered in San Diego County. Nearly half of our member firms are minority, women or veteran owned and are categorized as special category business by the Small Business Administration. More than 70% of the workforce is categorized as minority with an average age of 35 years old and approximately 22% of our member companies employ union workers.

The Port of San Diego Ship Repair Association's member companies and employees are proud of their contributions to Navy readiness and national defense, as well as to the community we call home. The Association will continue to do its part as the nation's military and maritime needs evolve and expand.

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