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Port of San Diego Ship Repair Association Committee Chairs

We currently have seven working Committees which support the activities of the Association. Most of these Committees meet monthly to discuss current issues of our industry and the Navy. If you would like to participate in any of the Committees, please contact the Committee Chairmen for further information.

The Committees are:

Carlos Aguayo, Huntington Ingalls Industries- Continental Maritime - Board Liaison
(619) 234-8851 Ext. 290 caguayo@continentalmaritime.com


April McGinley, Huntington Ingalls Industries Continental Maritime. Chairwoman
(619) 234-8851 ext. 510 amcginley@continentalmaritime.com

Click here for the latest updates from the California Environmental Protection Agency - Air Resources Board

NASSCO Reporting Forms

  • Abrasive Blasting Reporting Form
  • Marine Coating Reporting Form
  • Master Equipment List Portable Diesel Equipment
  • Monthly Welding Reporting Form
  • Title V Monthly Air Compliance Certification Form Part A TITLE V
  • CMSD Reporting Forms

  • CMSD Environmental Requirement Review Checklist and Certification
  • Marine Coating Reporting Form
  • SWRMC Reporting Forms

  • Gasoline and Diesel I/C Engines
  • Abrasive Blasting Reporting Form
  • Adhesive Reporting Form
  • Marine Coating Reporting Form
  • Weld Rod Usage
  • BAE Systems SDSR Reporting Forms

  • BAE Systems SDSR SHE Advisory
  • Marine Coating Reporting Form
  • Subcontractor Chemical Inventory Tracking Sheet
  • 10-012 C Subcontractor Adhesive Usage
  • 10-013 B Subcontractor Weld Rod Usage
  • 10-014 B Subcontractor Abrasive Usage
  • 10-016 C Subcontractor Fuel Usage
  • Human Resources
    Tina Romo, General Dynamics NASSCO Chairwoman
    (619) 544-8490 TRomo@nassco.com
    Marcel Becker, JCI Metal Products, Inc. Chairman
    (619) 229-8206 ext. 12 marcel.becker@jcimetalproducts.com

    Dixon LeGros, Westflex Industrial- Chairman
    (619) 474-7400 dixon@westflex.com

    Marcel Becker, JCI Metal Products, Inc. Board Liaison
    (619) 229-8206 ext. 12 marcel.becker@jcimetalproducts.com

    Quality Assurance
    Jerry Hall, BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair - Chairman
    (619) 238-1000 jerry.hall@baesystems.com

    Dave Carver, General Dynamics NASSCO Board Liaison
    (619) 544-7501 dcarver@nassco.com

    Bart Deem, General Dynamics NASSCO - Chairman
    (619) 544-8444 bdeem@nassco.com

    Robert Kilpatrick, BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair- Board Liaison
    (619) 238-1000 ext. 2810 bob.kilpatrick@baesystems.com

    Training Steering Committee
    Derry Pence, PSDSRA
    (858) 663-5792 dpence@sandiegoshiprepair.com

    Please feel free to contact your Board with any suggests or comments you have on how we can improve our Association.

    The Port of San Diego Ship Repair Association's member companies and employees are proud of their contributions to Navy readiness and national defense, as well as to the community we call home. The Association will continue to do its part as the nation's military and maritime needs evolve and expand.

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