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San Diego Ship Repair Association Charter

Our goals are to:
  • Promote the economic well being of San Diego's private sector ship repair industry by partnering with the U.S. Navy to forecast and obtain adequate levels of funding for ship depot maintenance.
  • Enhance communications between the ship repair industry and the U.S. Navy to maximize military readiness.
  • Work with other regional ship repair associations and national ship repair organizations, to ensure greater support among congressional representatives by facilitating better understanding and communication of all industry issues to our members of Congress.
  • Educate and create greater public awareness regarding the contributions made by our industry to the city's economic base, the community at large, the Navy, and the defense of our country.
  • Educate our members regarding the processes implemented by the industry to provide environmental protection, employment opportunities, skills training and community outreach.

The Port of San Diego Ship Repair Association's member companies and employees are proud of their contributions to Navy readiness and national defense, as well as to the community we call home. The Association will continue to do its part as the nation's military and maritime needs evolve and expand.

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